JD Guzman

Software Artist

Bangor, ME


Writing great software is an art. It takes dedication, focus and a desire to find elegant solutions to difficult problems. I have honed my art form, and like a master painter that goes through many iterations before arriving at the masterpiece, software also requires that type of perseverance to be great.


Sr. Software Architect/Engineer

Bluewater, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
August 2014 to Present

Bluewater is a 1 to 1 marketing agency that gives franchisees a platform to build campaigns that bring success to their business.

  • Architected and Implemented Bluewater's software platform, Fusion, for print and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Built a data driven creative builder that uses SVG with Liquid to embed forms within the creative template, giving a single source of truth for all creative data.
  • Built a custom FTP solution that uses S3 for persistence and is horizontally scalable across many nodes.
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning and deployments using Ansible. This drastically reduced environment build times and provided for improved disaster recovery.


Devs For Change
April 2014 to Present

Devs for Change is a non-profit whose focus is mentoring young developers.

  • Helped bring together a group of Designers, Developers, Project Managers and Marketers that donate their time towards mentoring others.
  • Mentored Jr. Developers showing them the general concepts of problem solving within the context of a web app.

Freelance Developer

Feburary 2004 to Present

As a freelance developer I've worked on varying platforms. iOS, MacOS, Ruby/Rails, and PHP are a few of the technolgies I work with.

  • Continue to maintain and iterate on The Dolan Company's JRLR product. Adapted the product to handle mid legislative session interim studies giving user further insight into the legislation that is being persued by the Oklahoma Legislature. The app now tracks and updates over 10k bills via an automated scraper.
  • Assisted The Dolan Company's Arizona Capitol Times update and submit their Greenbook app to the Apple App Store. This entailed making some code modifications to their iOS code base and push it to test flight for testing.
  • Created and maintain a custom CRM for Credit Help USA that allows them to manage their customer life cycle. The app facilitates the disupte process for erroneous data on clients credit reports.

Sr. Software Engineer

The Dolan Company, Minneapolis, MN
January 2013 to January 2015
  • Refactored the data collection processes. Decreased collection time making it 4x times faster at gathering over 300,000 bills across all 50 states and DC.
  • Created a search API leveraging Solr to search for bills across all 50 states and our nations capitol.
  • Implemented the customer facing portion of the company‚Äôs single state legislative product. Working with designers and the company stake holders I designed and implemented all the user facing features including user profiles, bill tracking, nightly reports, and search.


University of Texas, Edinburg, Texas

Major: Philosophy

Southwestern University, Waxahachie, Texas

Major: Philosophy


Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

October 2010